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Our society in general do not accept old woman with a young man. They treat it morally wrong for society. If caught, it can cause major embarrassment for both parties.  Hence, this relationship must be carried out in a secret manner. But, it is easier said than done. Finding exclusive places in crowded city is an uphill task. Still, there are places where you can fuck a GILF in exclusive place. These can be:

Hotels on Outskirts of City: Instead of meeting in a popular hotel, you should look out for hotels on outskirts of cities. The city outskirt is mostly isolated, peaceful with less traffic. You can book a room, enjoy your stay for some hours and move back to your normal life with sweet memories of your date.  Some GILF Sites can also recommend you hotel places where you can have fun with your GF.

Car Parking Space: Park your car in a big shopping mall area or an underground parking space and indulged in heavy kissing, boob fondling just like real couples.  You can also shift to back position of the car to have maximum fun. Making out in car is really a thrilling encounter that every couple should definitely try.

A  Rented Apartment: With a booming casual sex industry, some people have also started renting out apartment for an hour or two. You can come with your GILF anytime of the day. Most sites do help in arranging place for you.

Granny Home: In case, she is widow and her children are far away, then her apartment is the ultimate place to get laid.  Everybody will think of you as guest while you have fun of your life.

Secluded Park :  Parks are favorite hangout zones for couples. You can meet in a park, look out for exclusive place and fuck a GILF till your heart is content.  Make sure that park is completely isolated as no one interrupts you in your hour of pleasure.

If you want to get an idea to fuck a GILF, then make a visit to GILF websites where people have posted places where you can enjoy her without any interruption. It would be nice to become member of a good GILF social networking site as you can discuss all about your sexual fantasies with like minded people.
As you know that people still not accept this cougar concept, hence it is better to work it out in secret.

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